The Benefits Of Consistent Corporate Headshots Across Your Company

14 December 2022
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While there are certainly many different important things you need to be wary of when creating an online presence for your company, an area that is often forgotten about is your corporate headshots. After all, these are how many people will first see your company's employees and make a decision on whether or not they want to work with you, and while it should be based primarily on your work, the public image does help too. There are many reasons for investing in corporate headshots rather than using your own camera or allowing individuals to use previous headshots, and here are just a few of them. 

Improved Professionalism  

While it may not seem as though it is a big deal, having a uniform corporate headshot in the same style and structure for every single employee means that everyone who sees your website or emails a staff member will get a very strong corporate image of yourself. This can help cultivate your brand as a trustworthy one that is very organized with nothing more than well-lit and formally taken photos of each member of your team. If you had individual photos or no restrictions on what people could use as their pictures, then it would feel far more disjointed and amateur, which is something you want to avoid.

Consistent Visual Identity

A consistent visual identity might seem as though it is quite boring and a bad thing, but in actual fact, that is what most people are looking for in a business. This is not the area to get cute and creative, it is the one where you need to buckle down and provide a strong presence that lets your business partners and clients know that you are serious. Even in creative industries, it is important that there is a structure and formality to your website so that people know you work well as a team and have good fundamentals. 

Unity Within The Workforce

If you allow everyone to use their own headshots or previous images, then not only can they be a bit outdated, but it can create a little bit of conflict within the work environment. That might seem ridiculous, and it doesn't always, but minor differences can build up over a period of time and make some feel inferior and unwanted. Using professional corporate headshot photography levels the playing field and makes everyone feel as though they are equally valued and on the same team, which is exactly the culture you should be trying to foster.